How to present a Claim to your insurance company?

How to present a Claim to your insurance company?

DICSA Insurance is proud to go for the extra mile for our clients.  We offer a quality customer service, and we focus on protecting your best interests and assist you with presenting your claim to the insurance company.

The following information is of general reference.  Should you need additional details, please contact our offices. There are 3 typical types claims, which are:

Claims of general property damages

  • At the moment of the accident, call the local authorities

    • Car accident: call the transit police. Tel. 104

    • Robbery or assault: call the police Tel. 104

    • Fire, call the fire department Tel. 103

  • While you wait for the local authorities, call our offices or your insurance broker so we can assist you and advise you on the situation. Remember that no unforeseen accident is the same. Our brokers and agents are trained to help your claim proceed fluently. Our team will contact the insurance company, making sure the Insurance company makes it on time to help you.

    Our office telephone numbers are: 261-3232/236-8188

  • Incase of an accident outside of working hours, call your insurance company immediately. In the upper right corner of your insurance you will be able to find the 24/7 lines of customer service of your insurance company. They will send you an on-site inspector to help you with your accident.

  • Take photos/videos of the accident to demonstrate what happened.

  • In case of robbery or assault, you ought to declare what happened at a local police sub-station. You will get a declaration document.

  • During the next 3 days following the accident, we ask you to approach our offices. Remember to bring photos of the accident. That way, we will be able to start presenting your claim to the insurance company as soon as possible.


Health Insurance Claim

  • In case of an emergency, call your health insurance’s ambulance service. Some health insurance plans, require you to go hospitals in their network. If you do not know which hospitals are in the network, contact or visit us). Get treatment at the emergency room and remember to request a written proof of your visit.

  • In case of general visit to the doctor in a clinic, visit one of the clinics in your network to avoid any penalty. Some insurance plans will cover 100% of your expenses after the deductible. Remember that if you get treatment with a doctor who isn’t a part of the network, the insurance company will reimburse 60% after the deductible.

  • Print out your Claims form, and request the doctor the signature, and diagnosis. This step is highly important to validate your claim.

  • Keep all the original invoices, including the prescription. If the pharmacy needs to keep the prescription, ask the pharmacist for a copy of such document.

  • Visit one of our branch offices to present your claim. Bring all the forms, original invoices and prescriptions.


Life Insurance Claims

  • In order to present a claim, the beneficiary of the insurance has to approach personally the insurance company. Contact our office or call your insurance broker to receive more assistance on how to present the claim. Depending on the complexity of the event, a lawyer may be needed for this claim.


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